Download Wechat Blackberry. The old faithful Blackberry smartphone device users can now jump from their seats. Because they can also now Download Wechat Blackberry 10 completely for free, after being before just available for Android device users and after that -and before Blackberry compatible-, iPhone and iOS users, which include iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch, and all of the thousands of different versions out there of the bitten Apple.

Download Wechat Blackberry

Download wechat blackberry

you can now Download Wechat Blackberry 10 Release, actually, release just a few days ago before the date of me writing this blog post, exactly by the end of the month of July 2013. The requirements for you being available of using the Wechat app is having Blackberry OS 10.1 installed or Blackberry Z10 which is also capable to run Wechat without any struggle at all. Completely smooth and quick, without any lag at all.

Absolutely perfect on your BB smartphone. The current version of your Download Wechat Blackberry is 1.0, but it is already completely full and upgraded to the same capabilities that the other most known and used (and for that reason supposedly better optimized apps). So you will be able to use Voice Messaging with your WeChat Blackberry, that means that you will have the option to chat faster with your voice, by sending a quick voice message via WiFi or your mobile internet connection included in your phone plan, to any of your Wechat contacts or friends who have this amazing mobile communication and social networking app installed.

And they should all download Wechat Blackberry, even if they do not own a BB smartphone, because as I already said, WeChat was before released on Android as a ‘native’ app, and now is available in a cross platform way. That means that it does not matter what smartphone brand your friends have, since you can download Wechat Blackberry for BB, or any of the other operating systems and most known phones in the market, including Android, iOS, the new and old versions of Windows Phone smartphone devices, and even the Nokia phones which still operate with a Nokia ex Symbian operating software instead of Windows Phone like all the new Nokia Lumia have pre – installed by default when you get them from the store, or buy them online at your favorite online site (mine is Amazon)

But you do not need to go to Amazon and shop there for your Wechat app, you can directly download Wechat free for any of the phones you may have. Because Wechat is completely optimized to run smoothly in all major smartphones systems.

So you have no excuse at all to not try and download Wechat Blackberry or the operating system that your phone brand is running on. Try today the best free chat app for smartphones out there in 2013, and I am pretty pretty sure that this will also be the best chat app in 2014.

Voice Messaging to any of your friends, don’t matter where in the world they live at. Send animated emoticons which are 100 times more entertaining than the typical “:-)” or “:-P”, you can even look chat to unknown people who are nearby you. Perfect to get that creep part out of you!

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