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New features for WeChat on iOS and iPhone 6S

Switching over to the Apple side of things, WeChat has rolled out a couple interesting updates for iOS devices, particularly iPhone 6S.

Group video chat and group voice calls for WeChat iOS

First, all iPhones and iPads with the WeChat 6.3.5 have access to a new group video and voice calling feature – for up to 9 people at a time! Let’s face it; sometimes group text chats get really confusing, and things would just be easier if you could all sit down in one room and talk. When that’s not possible, WeChat group video calls are the next best thing.

wechat group video calls
Starting a group video chat is easy. From inside your normal text group chat window, you’ll now see a button that says “video call”. Tapping it will invite the other group members to join the video call, and pretty soon you’re all face to face. If you would rather have voice only for a conference call type conversation, just disable the video option; now you’ve got a group voice call. Hopefully you won’t ever be in a situation where you need to video chat 10 or more people (I sure can’t think of a situation where you would).

wechat for ios

WeChat 3D Touch technology for iPhone 6S

The second cool update is specially made for iPhone 6S users. If you are one of the lucky ones who own an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, or if you’ve seen the advertisements on television, you know that this new model has touch screen pressure sensitivity, or what Apple is calling “3D Touch”. WeChat is one of the apps to make use of the 3D Touch option with its latest update.

Basically 3D Touch allows iPhone 6S users to reveal an options menu for a specific application without leaving their home screen; all they have to do is press a little more firmly than they normally would to open the app. When you use the 3D Touch on the WeChat icon on your iPhone 6S, a handy menu of quick options pop up. From your home screen, you can now press firmly on the WeChat icon to start a “New Chat” in WeChat, take a picture in WeChat with the “Take Sight” option, quickly generate your personal WeChat “QR Code” so your new friends can easily add you to their contacts, or you might choose to “Mute For 1 Hour”, so you won’t be distracted by notifications while you’re driving or trying to get some work done.

The latest WeChat updates for both Windows and Apple iOS devices really prove that this app is working to be innovative and constantly adapting based on what its users want. It’s anyone’s guess what their next update will include. Maybe something cool for Android devices or a new feature for the Mac OSX client? Only time will tell.

wechat iphone 6s

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Download Wechat iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Finally! Finally we can now Download Wechat iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch if we are one of those lucky persons who could afford to buy one of these magnificent pieces of aluminium with that amazing apple lasered on the back of all those devices which -sadly-, I am not one of those lucky guys who can own an Apple device such as the iPad, but I can still recommend you to download Wechat iPhone if you own one. Why? Well, because if I actually had the money to afford one of those brand new iPhone 5, I would most def decide to Download Wechat iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Again, why? Because Wechat is the new, trendy, and hip chat application for iPhone and all of the other Apple devices which have iOS installed as their operating system.

Download Wechat iOS

Download Wechat iPhone iPad

Before being available to download Wechat iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, this free chat application was only listed online at the old Android Market which nowadays is called Google Play Store, the equivalent version of the iTunes store, but for all those Android users who could not afford to buy an expensive iPhone 5 or iPad, and decided to go for a cheaper phone. But do not get mad! Cheaper does not mean worst, and actually I do own an Android device (and yes, I did download device). Actually, many of the Android phones out there are better than the new iPhone 5. Also, do not get mad iPhone 5 users, but think about it: You guys launch 1 phone per year, Android launches more than 3 a year, so it is normal to have the android smashing the rest of the bitted Apple.

But who cares about which phone is more powerful, since in order to Download Wechat iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you do not need one of those super über powered smartphones with double core systems.

The chat app Wechat can run on any device, with more or less any memory (or any at all!)

Because Wechat is 100% optimized to be able to run in a smooth way on basically any piece of tech out there (that is why it is also online to get for Blackberry phones, haha!) Just joking, just joking! I also had a Blackberry phone. Yeah. That is right! In 12 years ago in 2001 (LOL!)

Okay, fun is over. You got my point. You will be able to use the Wechat iPhone app on an old iPhone 1 or first generation iPhone, and you will be also capable of using the Wechat iPod version on your iPod Touch. So if an iPod Touch can make it work just like if you had a 700 USD$ brand new iPhone 5, be sure that after deciding to download Wechat iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you will be able to have the same workflow while using the Wechat iPod, as if you where using a way more expensive piece of technology designed in California and Made in China. Steve Jobs style!

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