As their reach continues to expand out from China to Europe and North America, WeChat is constantly rolling out cool new updates, features and platforms to attract even more users (apparently the 600 million they have right now isn’t enough).
Among the latest updates are a native WeChat desktop app for Windows PC, which includes a lot of the features you already love about WeChat mobile.

WeChat Windows

Introducing WeChat for PC/Windows

The creation of an app for Windows PCs is something that people have been wanting for a long time. There has been a native app for Mac OSX computers for quite a while now, and now PC devotees can get the same benefits. Using WeChat on your desktop or laptop computer gives you a lot of advantages that you just can’t get on even a larger smartphone screen or tablet. The much larger screen of a PC allows you to multitask easily with multiple conversation windows open simultaneously, and typing on a regular keyboard is still more comfortable for some people than tiny mobile keyboards with bad autocorrect.

But one of the best features of WeChat for Windows is the free video calling. No, video calling isn’t anything new or particularly groundbreaking, but video calls on the big screen are much nicer (and more comfortable) than video calls on your mobile phone.

With the WeChat Windows app, you can easily send files to your friends, who can receive them on their mobile device or their own PC, if they’re using the Windows app too. It’s also easy to take screenshots and share them with your friends in WeChat.

As with the mobile app, WeChat for PC lets you un-send a message within 2 minutes of sending, in case of typos, second thoughts or accidentally sending to the wrong person (hey, it happens). You can also keep group chats organized with mentions; all you have to do is type the “@” symbol and a list of names of the group chat members will pop up, allowing you to direct a message specifically to one person, who will receive a special notification. That way, no one ever misses an important message in all the chatter.

Wechar for PC
How to download WeChat for Windows

Downloading WeChat on your PC is easy. You can get the download link from the official WeChat website, and follow the instructions on screen to finish the installation to your computer. When it’s time to log in, the Windows version of WeChat will show you a QR code that you’ll scan with your mobile version of the app; that way, your account gets synced and you know that you’re the one logging in to your WeChat. You only have to do the QR code business the first time you log on to a particular PC. After that, when you go to log in, you’ll get a message on your mobile version asking to verify that it’s okay to log you in on the computer. It’s very secure for a desktop application; your WeChat messages are stored only on your mobile device so that any random person using your computer can’t see them.

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