You can now Download Wechat Android as you could download it months ago, since Wechat Android was the first operating system that had this amazing little free chat app available for it’s users. But because the great success and overwhelming response of all the users rating this best chat application with five stars out of five, the guys down at the Wechat HQ decided to make it available for all the other major smartphone operating systems, including the green droids fruity enemies (Apple), the new guys on the block (Windows Phone), and the nearly forgotten users of -still nowadays- Blackberry phone users and Nokia Phone users (and I am not even talking about Windows Phone users, but actual real prehistoric Nokia software users!) I do not say this in a somehow funny sarcastic way, but for letting you know that you should really¬†Download Wechat Android, because as you see, they will never let you go out of software app updates, not in a million years. If they care about prehistoric Nokia users and stone age Blackberry smartphone users, then you can be for sure sure that you will always be able to Download Wechat Android on their last update.

Download Wechat Android

wechat android

Because Wechat is one of the best chat apps of 2013, and one of the main reasons is the fact that the competence (mainly the Whats App application) decided now to go shareware instead of freeware like they where used to be. And even if the cost of their payed application is not high, still is better to use something completely free that can do the exact same things (and some say that even better).

So go now to the Google Play Store icon located somewhere on your Android smartphone menu, click it, and type on their search bar: Download Wechat Android. Have it downloaded indeed, and start experiencing the best chat experience that you will find out there. Completely free, without annoying ads that their mission is to bother you every minute you use the app.

Wechat Android has the exact same capabilities as the other free (or not) chat applications for the smartphone devices out there.

So if they all do the same, why should I download Wechat Android?

Well, did I say that it is free? -Yes, you did say that, but I do not care, because I can download any application for free, directly typing name of the app + apk + download on Google, I will just have to find a website which offers links to uploaded, rapidshare, or MEGA, and have it directly downloaded into my desktop, transfer it into my phone, and using a simple file manager to open the apk file from my smartphone and having it installed completely for free. Well, congratulations, you have obviously seen Matrix when it came out, but still, even if you can get WhatsApp for free, you should choose to download Wechat Android for free too. Why? Simple because it is the best. Don’t believe me?

Try it out!

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