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WeChat is an extremely popular social and messaging app developed by the Chinese Company Tencent. Users who are living in China can do basically anything you can imagine using WeChat, from ordering takeout to making a doctor’s appointment and paying their utility bills. These functions are somewhat limited outside the country, but international users still get all the features they would expect in a great instant messenger app, plus a few fun extras that makes it easy to meet new people anywhere in the world.

If you want to start using WeChat’s free texts, video calls, in-app games and more, you’re going to have to download the mobile app and create a WeChat account. The standard way to do this is using your mobile phone number; however, if for some reason you don’t want to have your phone number attached to your WeChat account, there is an alternative that works for some people (but no guarantees!).

create wechat account

How to create a WeChat account with mobile number

The first step is to download the WeChat application just like you would normally download an application. You can easily find the app in the Google Play Store, iOS App Store, etc.; it’s free to download and free to use, with optional in-app purchases and possible mobile data charges depending on how you use your device.

After you install and open the app, there will be two buttons at the bottom of the screen: “Log in” and “Sign up”. Tap on the second button to start registering for your new WeChat account.

You’ll need to enter your name, verify your country code, type in your mobile number and choose a password. It’s very important that you enter your phone number correctly because WeChat will send a code to that number via SMS that you’ll need to use to verify the account. When all the information is entered, tap “Sign up”.

When you receive the SMS, type the code into the verification box in WeChat, then click “Next”.

You’ll be taken to your WeChat home screen, where you can get started adding contacts, playing games, or meeting new people. Your account is all set up, and what you do next is completely up to you.

How to create a WeChat account without a mobile phone number

There is an alternative to using a mobile number to create a WeChat account, but it might not work for everyone. It involves signing up for a QQ account (also owned by Tencent) and then using the QQ account information to log in to WeChat instead of signing up.

Sign up for your QQ account here: Once you fill in all the required information, you’ll get an email containing your QQ ID number, which you should write down or save somewhere to use in the next step.

Next you’ll have to verify your identity. Unfortunately, the remaining steps are in Chinese, so I recommend checking out this post:, it will walk you through the Chinese steps to verify your account.

Once your QQ account is verified, open WeChat and tap “Log in”. You should be able to log in with your QQ ID number and the password you chose for the QQ account.

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The Best Secrets of WeChat

Smartphones are pretty handy these days (boy is that an understatement!). We use them to do lots of different tasks, in addition to connecting with friends, family and people all around the world. To do all of this, we tend to download different kinds of messaging and social networking apps, and there are indeed tons of choices. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who only has one type of social app on their device. But of course, some apps outstand the others and gain incredible popularity due to their features, functionality, services and the value experience they offer to their users.

WeChat international
WeChat is one of those top apps in the world. WeChat makes messaging, communicating and meeting new friends much easier and more fun.

WeChat is a free messaging application that replaces cellular text messages. It supports sending texts, photos, videos, and making free audio and video calls. WeChat is an app that is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia S40, Symbian, and BlackBerry smartphones. It’s also available on Mac OS X.

WeChat’s best kept secrets

WeChat includes some hidden features and tricks, which you can use to get the most out of it while having as much fun as possible. Here are some of the “hidden” features of WeChat that you might not be using:

  • WeChat Moments

If you want to post some exciting pictures or videos and share your funniest and most precious moments with your WeChat friends, “Moments” is the answer. Privacy secret: You can customize who can see the picture you are posting from visibility settings by selecting the names of the contacts you want to share it with. You can also send text updates via WeChat Moments

  • Voice chat

WeChat provides voice chat. It’s a brilliant feature that turns your smartphone into a walkie-talkie.

  • Video calls

Users can make face-to-face video calls with WeChat and enjoy connecting with their near and dear – even if they are on the other side of the world.

  • Shake to find new friends

This is a WeChat unique feature; you can find and connect with people around the world, and it’s super fun to do. Just find the “Shake” option in the “Discovery” tab, shake your device once, and the app will find you lots of friends who are also shaking their devices to find new people.

  • Drift Bottle

This is a new and really fun feature that most people don’t know about yet. It needs to be enabled first from the app’s settings. It’s a game where you get to bring out your inner Sting and send a “message in a bottle” that holds a text message or a voice message you record, and wait until someone finds it. If you find someone else’s bottle, you can open it up for the secret message inside.

WeChat keeps growing

In China, people use WeChat to do almost everything: in addition to video calls and in-app games, they order food, send money to friends or pay for goods and services, read the news, book an appointment in a medical care center, and the list goes on. WeChat’s features are slowly reaching the rest of the world, too. Maybe it won’t be long before you can order take out on WeChat in the US!

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Tricks for Having Fun with WeChat

Smartphones are very useful these days, helping us to do different kinds of tasks, and allowing us to connect with other people all around the world. For that, we need to download different kinds of applications, and we have tons of choices – especially when it comes to chatting, messaging and social media apps. But there are certainly some apps that outdo the others and become incredibly popular due to their functionality, services and the value they add to their users’ lives. WeChat is one of those apps – it’s one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. With all of its features, WeChat makes messaging and meeting new friends easier and more fun.

wechat features

WeChat has some hidden features and tricks that can help you get the most out of it and have as much fun as possible. We’ll talk about them and give you some tips and tricks to fully benefit from WeChat’s wonderful properties, communicate with your friends and always be updated with their latest news.

WeChat’s “hidden” features

Send text updates from WeChat Moments: WeChat Moments allows you to share your photos with your friends, either by taking the photos directly using the app’s camera or choosing them from your device’s gallery. You can also send text updates to your friends.

Shake to find new friends: This is a unique feature that only WeChat offers to its users, and it was created as a new and fun way to find new friends using WeChat. By using the “Shake” feature, you can connect to people nearby or across the continent. Just select the Shake option from the Discovery tab, shake your device once, and let the app find you many friends who are also looking for new people.

Drift Bottle: This is a fun feature that most people don’t know about, but you need to enable this feature first from the app’s settings. The idea is that you “throw a bottle into the ocean” with a text message or a voice message that you record, and leave it to be found by someone. You can also pick up someone else’s bottle and see the message inside. If you don’t like this game, you can simply disable it.

Find people nearby: This feature allows you to search for friends in your area. This obviously needs to use your phone’s GPS to find your location.

WeChat keeps growing and growing

WeChat users in China can do almost anything: make video calls, play games, order food, send money to people, read the news, book a doctor appointment, and the list goes on. Slowly, these features are expanding to the rest of the world, too. In its home country, WeChat has reached every aspect in life, from users communicating with their nearest and dearest, to buying almost everything, meals, movie tickets and taxi rides.

While you might not be able to make a doctor’s appointment in your country through WeChat (yet!) you can get all the latest news on your favorite celebs. Celebrities all around the world, like Selena Gomez, Johnny Galecki and others, post their updates through their official accounts on WeChat.

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How WeChat Is Changing the Way Facebook Does Business

WeChat Messenger, for the most part, doesn’t have to worry about competition from Facebook. After all, most of WeChat’s users are located in China, where Facebook is blocked. However, the free messaging and social media app has been creeping beyond the borders of China and Hong Kong into Europe and North America, and you can bet Facebook is taking notice.

wechat facebook

In its home country, WeChat’s utilization rate is extraordinarily high, and users spend 1 hour inside the app per day on average, compared to just 40 minutes for Facebook. It’s not surprising, then, that Facebook is trying to proactively expand its services and integrate itself more fully into the lives of its users before WeChat acquires a large enough presence here and is able to offer the smorgasbord of services its Chinese users enjoy to Americans.

Here are a few ways that Facebook is trying to emulate WeChat.

WeChat-inspired features in Facebook Messenger

Most of the changes Facebook has implemented in an attempt to offer a broader variety of services to its users a la WeChat are happening in its separate mobile messaging app, Messenger. Here are some of the recent features that were at least partially inspired by WeChat:

Free peer-to-peer money transfers: One of WeChat’s most successful platforms is its payment system known as WeChat Pay. It rivals other major payment systems like PayPal and Alibaba in terms of transaction dollars and allows Chinese users to use WeChat for just about every aspect of their day to day lives.

Free voice calls: Voice calling has long been standard in WeChat and similar messenger apps, so it was only a matter of time before Facebook picked up this feature.

Maps from within the messaging app: The key to WeChat’s success has been to offer as many services from within the app as possible, making it more akin to a web browser with each individual service or internal app acting as a web page. Mapping services is a good start for Facebook Messenger.

Options for developers: WeChat’s many internal apps are largely developed by third parties who are eager to harness the purchasing power of the hundreds of millions of Chinese customers using WeChat. Facebook has recently created a platform where developers can work on building new features to run in Messenger.

Opening the door to third party companies: WeChat’s mutually beneficial relationship with other companies, from taxi cabs to food delivery to retail stores, has been key to its success. It looks like Facebook (and its subsidiary WhatsApp) are taking note, as they have begun charging companies to integrate their apps into its messenger service.

WeChat is learning from Facebook, too

As with most things, this emulation works both ways. There are a few lessons that WeChat has picked up from Facebook, including the addition of advertisements to the Moments area of its social network area, much in the same way you’ll see ads when scrolling through your Facebook Timeline. Another major development for WeChat was making advertising opportunities more accessible to smaller, more local companies, which until now were excluded from promoting their businesses in this way.

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