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New features for WeChat on iOS and iPhone 6S

Switching over to the Apple side of things, WeChat has rolled out a couple interesting updates for iOS devices, particularly iPhone 6S.

Group video chat and group voice calls for WeChat iOS

First, all iPhones and iPads with the WeChat 6.3.5 have access to a new group video and voice calling feature – for up to 9 people at a time! Let’s face it; sometimes group text chats get really confusing, and things would just be easier if you could all sit down in one room and talk. When that’s not possible, WeChat group video calls are the next best thing.

Starting a group video chat is easy. From inside your normal text group chat window, you’ll now see a button that says “video call”. Tapping it will invite the other group members to join the video call, and pretty soon you’re all face to face. If you would rather have voice only for a conference call type conversation, just disable the video option; now you’ve got a group voice call. Hopefully you won’t ever be in a situation where you need to video chat 10 or more people (I sure can’t think of a situation where you would).

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WeChat 3D Touch technology for iPhone 6S

The second cool update is specially made for iPhone 6S users. If you are one of the lucky ones who own an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, or if you’ve seen the advertisements on television, you know that this new model has touch screen pressure sensitivity, or what Apple is calling “3D Touch”. WeChat is one of the apps to make use of the 3D Touch option with its latest update.

Basically 3D Touch allows iPhone 6S users to reveal an options menu for a specific application without leaving their home screen; all they have to do is press a little more firmly than they normally would to open the app. When you use the 3D Touch on the WeChat icon on your iPhone 6S, a handy menu of quick options pop up. From your home screen, you can now press firmly on the WeChat icon to start a “New Chat” in WeChat, take a picture in WeChat with the “Take Sight” option, quickly generate your personal WeChat “QR Code” so your new friends can easily add you to their contacts, or you might choose to “Mute For 1 Hour”, so you won’t be distracted by notifications while you’re driving or trying to get some work done.

The latest WeChat updates for both Windows and Apple iOS devices really prove that this app is working to be innovative and constantly adapting based on what its users want. It’s anyone’s guess what their next update will include. Maybe something cool for Android devices or a new feature for the Mac OSX client? Only time will tell.

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New WeChat for Windows with Video Calling

As their reach continues to expand out from China to Europe and North America, WeChat is constantly rolling out cool new updates, features and platforms to attract even more users (apparently the 600 million they have right now isn’t enough).
Among the latest updates are a native WeChat desktop app for Windows PC, which includes a lot of the features you already love about WeChat mobile.

WeChat Windows

Introducing WeChat for PC/Windows

The creation of an app for Windows PCs is something that people have been wanting for a long time. There has been a native app for Mac OSX computers for quite a while now, and now PC devotees can get the same benefits. Using WeChat on your desktop or laptop computer gives you a lot of advantages that you just can’t get on even a larger smartphone screen or tablet. The much larger screen of a PC allows you to multitask easily with multiple conversation windows open simultaneously, and typing on a regular keyboard is still more comfortable for some people than tiny mobile keyboards with bad autocorrect.

But one of the best features of WeChat for Windows is the free video calling. No, video calling isn’t anything new or particularly groundbreaking, but video calls on the big screen are much nicer (and more comfortable) than video calls on your mobile phone.

With the WeChat Windows app, you can easily send files to your friends, who can receive them on their mobile device or their own PC, if they’re using the Windows app too. It’s also easy to take screenshots and share them with your friends in WeChat.

As with the mobile app, WeChat for PC lets you un-send a message within 2 minutes of sending, in case of typos, second thoughts or accidentally sending to the wrong person (hey, it happens). You can also keep group chats organized with mentions; all you have to do is type the “@” symbol and a list of names of the group chat members will pop up, allowing you to direct a message specifically to one person, who will receive a special notification. That way, no one ever misses an important message in all the chatter.

Wechar for PC
How to download WeChat for Windows

Downloading WeChat on your PC is easy. You can get the download link from the official WeChat website, and follow the instructions on screen to finish the installation to your computer. When it’s time to log in, the Windows version of WeChat will show you a QR code that you’ll scan with your mobile version of the app; that way, your account gets synced and you know that you’re the one logging in to your WeChat. You only have to do the QR code business the first time you log on to a particular PC. After that, when you go to log in, you’ll get a message on your mobile version asking to verify that it’s okay to log you in on the computer. It’s very secure for a desktop application; your WeChat messages are stored only on your mobile device so that any random person using your computer can’t see them.

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WeChat Users on iPhone and iPad

WeChat Users on iPhone and iPad: You May Have Been Hacked, Here’s How to Fix It

Just last month, something unprecedented happened on the Apple iOS servers: they were hacked. Operating systems by Apple, both iOS and Mac OS, have long been applauded for their resistance to hacking, viruses and malware. For the better part of a decade, Apple has been able to keep iPhone and iPad users safe from cyber attack by stringently controlling the iOS compatible applications that it allows into its official App Store. But someone, presumably in China, found a weak spot.

How the WeChat iOS hack happened

WeChat is one of the most popular instant messaging applications, with upwards of 600 million users, mostly in Asia (although its success has been expanding westward for some time now). It is owned and developed in China by the company TenCent, which operates several other mobile applications that aren’t of very much significance in Europe and North America. It seems that WeChat developers took a bit of a shortcut when they created the early September update, WeChat v6.2.5 for iOS, and they weren’t the only development company, either.

When a mobile application developer wants to create a new application for iPhone and/or iPad, they must get access to a special iOS coding software from Apple in order to build the app. This coding software is called Xcode, and it is carefully regulated by Apple to ensure security and houses on servers in the United States.

What the developers at WeChat and other companies did was use a counterfeit version of Xcode that was running on a Chinese server, making downloads and development much faster and on their end. In order to download the counterfeit Xcode software, the developers would have had to disable standard Apple security features.

The Chinese counterfeit Xcode could have been harmless; the developers certainly must have thought it was. But it wasn’t. The software contained a malware program called Xcode Ghost embedded in its code. Since WeChat and other iOS apps are built on this software scaffolding, the malware became embedded into the applications’ codes as well.

Other than the midden Xcode Ghost malware code lurking in the programming of WeChat and more than 340 other Chinese applications, the apps were perfectly legitimate when they reached Apple for approval. They met all standard criteria and were added to the App Store without raising any red flags.

When iPhone and iPad users updated their apps to the new version available in the App Store, like WeChat, the infected application was installed and the code for the Xcode Ghost malware was sneakily put on their device.


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Wechat app

If you haven’t heard of the free messaging application WeChat, you’re not alone; even though it currently boasts a half billion active users, it has only recently started to catch on in Europe and the Americas. But it is catching on quickly, and we can only expect that WeChat’s popularity will continue to grow exponentially, possibly even overtaking some other big players in the instant messenger market. The reasons for WeChat messenger’s consistent success are multi-faceted, but underlying its popularity are innovative and exciting new features that other instant messaging apps don’t have. What WeChat has done is take the basic elements of an instant messenger service and transformed them into a truly immersive, social user experience.


WeChat’s New Social Options

WeChat includes all of the standard messaging features you would expect, such as the ability to send SMS text messages and MMS picture and video messages, start group chats with groups of up to 500 people, and make free voice calls from just about anywhere in the world. To spice up your text messages, there is an enormous sticker gallery with some of your favorite animated characters. WeChat also has a great video chat feature, and you can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your WeChat account, making it easy to share things from your WeChat feed to your other favorite social networks using the “Moments” feature. There is also a “Live Chat” feature which is sort of a hybrid of a walkie-talkie and a conference call. But these features aren’t what make it stand out from the crowd. This is where those unique social features come into play.


WeChat: The Shake Feature

The WeChat app is not only great for helping you stay in touch with family and friends, it can actually help you meet new people and make new friends if you want. WeChat’s two social features can be used to find existing friends or find new people to chat with or hang out with, depending on how you use them. The first social feature that is totally unique to WeChat is called “Shake”. This can be used to coordinate large groups of your existing friends or to chat with new people. For example, let’s say you’re out with a group of people, friends, mutual friends and some new acquaintances. You’re all having a great time, and want to add each other as WeChat contacts. You don’t have to manually add every single new contact, just have everyone turn on the Shake feature and shake their phones simultaneously; WeChat will display a list on each phone of everyone who was shaking, so that you can add your new friends quickly and easily and get back to having fun. Alternatively, if you’re sitting at home and bored, you can use the Shake option too; you’ll get a list of every other WeChat user all around the world who is also shaking their phone. Find someone who looks interesting, and strike up a conversation. Boom, you just made a new virtual friend.


WeChat: The Look Around Feature

WeChat’s other unique social feature is called “Look Around”, which is great for people who are interested in making new friends in real life. When you select the Look Around option, WeChat will give you a list of nearby people who also have the option turned on. Scroll through the list, find some interesting people, and send them a request. If you decide to meet up, you might find your new best friend, or even Mr. or Mrs. Right! Don’t worry about random people stalking you with this feature, though; you’ll only show up as “nearby” in other people’s lists if you’re using the feature too.

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WeChat is Totally Free

WeChat is really shaking things up in the instant messenger app industry with its unique social features, plus all of the basic messaging features you could ever need. Best of all, WeChat is 100% free. Download WeChat for free, use all of its great features for free with no subscription fees or hidden charges; even international calls and messages are free. And you will also find tons of free stickers available in the sticker gallery. With so many awesome ways to stay connected and meet new people, all for free, it’s no wonder over 500 million people use it as their preferred social messaging application!

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