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If you haven’t heard of the free messaging application WeChat, you’re not alone; even though it currently boasts a half billion active users, it has only recently started to catch on in Europe and the Americas. But it is catching on quickly, and we can only expect that WeChat’s popularity will continue to grow exponentially, possibly even overtaking some other big players in the instant messenger market. The reasons for WeChat messenger’s consistent success are multi-faceted, but underlying its popularity are innovative and exciting new features that other instant messaging apps don’t have. What WeChat has done is take the basic elements of an instant messenger service and transformed them into a truly immersive, social user experience.


WeChat’s New Social Options

WeChat includes all of the standard messaging features you would expect, such as the ability to send SMS text messages and MMS picture and video messages, start group chats with groups of up to 500 people, and make free voice calls from just about anywhere in the world. To spice up your text messages, there is an enormous sticker gallery with some of your favorite animated characters. WeChat also has a great video chat feature, and you can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your WeChat account, making it easy to share things from your WeChat feed to your other favorite social networks using the “Moments” feature. There is also a “Live Chat” feature which is sort of a hybrid of a walkie-talkie and a conference call. But these features aren’t what make it stand out from the crowd. This is where those unique social features come into play.


WeChat: The Shake Feature

The WeChat app is not only great for helping you stay in touch with family and friends, it can actually help you meet new people and make new friends if you want. WeChat’s two social features can be used to find existing friends or find new people to chat with or hang out with, depending on how you use them. The first social feature that is totally unique to WeChat is called “Shake”. This can be used to coordinate large groups of your existing friends or to chat with new people. For example, let’s say you’re out with a group of people, friends, mutual friends and some new acquaintances. You’re all having a great time, and want to add each other as WeChat contacts. You don’t have to manually add every single new contact, just have everyone turn on the Shake feature and shake their phones simultaneously; WeChat will display a list on each phone of everyone who was shaking, so that you can add your new friends quickly and easily and get back to having fun. Alternatively, if you’re sitting at home and bored, you can use the Shake option too; you’ll get a list of every other WeChat user all around the world who is also shaking their phone. Find someone who looks interesting, and strike up a conversation. Boom, you just made a new virtual friend.


WeChat: The Look Around Feature

WeChat’s other unique social feature is called “Look Around”, which is great for people who are interested in making new friends in real life. When you select the Look Around option, WeChat will give you a list of nearby people who also have the option turned on. Scroll through the list, find some interesting people, and send them a request. If you decide to meet up, you might find your new best friend, or even Mr. or Mrs. Right! Don’t worry about random people stalking you with this feature, though; you’ll only show up as “nearby” in other people’s lists if you’re using the feature too.

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WeChat is Totally Free

WeChat is really shaking things up in the instant messenger app industry with its unique social features, plus all of the basic messaging features you could ever need. Best of all, WeChat is 100% free. Download WeChat for free, use all of its great features for free with no subscription fees or hidden charges; even international calls and messages are free. And you will also find tons of free stickers available in the sticker gallery. With so many awesome ways to stay connected and meet new people, all for free, it’s no wonder over 500 million people use it as their preferred social messaging application!

WeChat, Because Half a Billion People Can’t Be Wrong

When we say that WeChat is a popular application, we’re talking half a billion people. They must be onto something, right? Although at the moment, approximately 430 million of those users are in China, the number of users around the world is growing at a steady pace. This instant messaging application may soon become top dog worldwide, if current trends are any indication. There are several reasons behind the huge success of the WeChat messenger app, but they all boil down to unique and innovative features that you can’t find in any other similar application. WeChat has taken the basic instant messenger and made it a really exciting, social experience.


Aside from the standard messaging features that you would expect from this kind of app, WeChat’s unique social features are what really set it apart from the rest. As far as I know, this is the only instant messenger that allows users to easily make new friends online and in real life, if they choose to. This is done with their two special functions, “Shake” and “Look around”. Picture this: you’re at home and bored and want to chat with someone new. Select the “Shake” function in WeChat and then shake your phone… you will get a list of everyone who is also shaking their phone, from all around the world. You can send messages and friend requests to people in the list, and make new friends near and far. Another example: imagine you’re out with a group of people, some of which you’ve just met, but you’re all having a great time and want to add each other as WeChat contacts. You can add each other all at once by having the whole group shake their phones at the same time.

The other social feature, the “Look Around” function, is geared towards people who are interested in making new friends in real life who are nearby. Like the “Shake” feature, when you “Look Around” you will get a list of all the other WeChat users nearby who are also “Looking Around”. Don’t worry about your stalker figuring out where you are with this feature, though; you will only show up in people’s lists if you are “Looking Around” too.


Another neat way that WeChat has made the basic messaging application more social is by offering the possibility to link it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that you can share photos from WeChat into your social media feeds with the tap of a button using the “Moments” feature.

This is all in addition to WeChat’s text messages, picture messages, video messages, recorded audio messages, group chats (with as many as 500 people!), voice calls, video calls, and something called “live chat” which is sort of like using a walkie-talkie for a conference call. And to make your messages really fun, WeChat has a huge gallery of stickers, many of which are animated and famous characters, and a lot of them are free. Which brings us to the best part about WeChat… it is 100% free. Free to download, free to use, with no extra fees for using the special features or making international calls, and no annual subscription fees to worry about. Free forever. No wonder half a billion people are using it!

WeChat: The Messaging App

The instant messaging application WeChat is steadily gaining popularity, and it’s easy to see why. WeChat currently boasts over 500 million active users, making it the largest messaging application in terms of monthly users. Although the vast majority of those users are in China, where WeChat was first developed, this uniquely social application is catching like wildfire, with 70 million current users outside of China, a number which is growing every day.

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As an instant messaging app, WeChat has all of the basic features you would want and expect from an application of this kind. Like many other instant messenger apps available today, WeChat allows its users to send text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS) to anywhere in the world, as well make free voice calls and conduct group chats with up to 500 people! You can send recorded audio and video files in your messages, or do a live video chat with your friend. They also have a huge gallery of fun, animated stickers to liven up your messages. All of these features are pretty much par for the course nowadays, so let’s talk about what makes WeChat special compared to all the other messaging apps available.

WeChat has taken the supposedly social skeleton of the standard instant messenger app and made it truly social by allowing people to meet new people and make new friends, near and far. Here’s how it works: WeChat has two different social options, “Shake” and “Look Around”. If you turn on the shake option and shake your phone, everyone else who is shaking their phone around the world will show up in a list, where you can send friend requests and messages to anyone who looks interesting. This is a great way to meet new people who are also interested in making friends, but is also helpful if you meet up with a large group of mutual friends in person and want to add everyone as a contact quickly and easily… all you have to do is shake your phones all at once!

The other social feature, “Look Around”, does basically the same thing but shows other WeChat users who are nearby, so if you would rather have a real life friend instead of an online friend, this is the option for you. It works the same way as the “Shake” function in that it will only show people who are also looking around, so no need to worry about people finding you if you don’t want them to.

Aside from these cool social functions to meet new people, WeChat has also taken a page from the social networking book with its “Moments” feature, which essentially allows users to share photos to their linked Facebook or Twitter accounts.

WeChat is supported across multiple platforms, including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian OS phones like Nokia S40, as well as versions available for Windows PC, Mac computers, and a web client. Best of all, WeChat is completely free to download and use, with no subscription fees ever. You can buy special sticker packs to add some flair to your messages if you want to, but there are lots of free stickers available if you’d rather not buy them.

If you’re looking for a new messaging app that goes above and beyond, give WeChat a try; you’ve really got nothing to lose!

Download Wechat iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Finally! Finally we can now Download Wechat iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch if we are one of those lucky persons who could afford to buy one of these magnificent pieces of aluminium with that amazing apple lasered on the back of all those devices which -sadly-, I am not one of those lucky guys who can own an Apple device such as the iPad, but I can still recommend you to download Wechat iPhone if you own one. Why? Well, because if I actually had the money to afford one of those brand new iPhone 5, I would most def decide to Download Wechat iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Again, why? Because Wechat is the new, trendy, and hip chat application for iPhone and all of the other Apple devices which have iOS installed as their operating system.

Download Wechat iOS

Download Wechat iPhone iPad

Before being available to download Wechat iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, this free chat application was only listed online at the old Android Market which nowadays is called Google Play Store, the equivalent version of the iTunes store, but for all those Android users who could not afford to buy an expensive iPhone 5 or iPad, and decided to go for a cheaper phone. But do not get mad! Cheaper does not mean worst, and actually I do own an Android device (and yes, I did download device). Actually, many of the Android phones out there are better than the new iPhone 5. Also, do not get mad iPhone 5 users, but think about it: You guys launch 1 phone per year, Android launches more than 3 a year, so it is normal to have the android smashing the rest of the bitted Apple.

But who cares about which phone is more powerful, since in order to Download Wechat iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you do not need one of those super über powered smartphones with double core systems.

The chat app Wechat can run on any device, with more or less any memory (or any at all!)

Because Wechat is 100% optimized to be able to run in a smooth way on basically any piece of tech out there (that is why it is also online to get for Blackberry phones, haha!) Just joking, just joking! I also had a Blackberry phone. Yeah. That is right! In 12 years ago in 2001 (LOL!)

Okay, fun is over. You got my point. You will be able to use the Wechat iPhone app on an old iPhone 1 or first generation iPhone, and you will be also capable of using the Wechat iPod version on your iPod Touch. So if an iPod Touch can make it work just like if you had a 700 USD$ brand new iPhone 5, be sure that after deciding to download Wechat iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you will be able to have the same workflow while using the Wechat iPod, as if you where using a way more expensive piece of technology designed in California and Made in China. Steve Jobs style!

Download Wechat Nokia

Download Wechat Nokia. Remember Nokia? That finnish phone company that many people thought that they were actually finish. Nowadays the world seems eclipsed by all those amazing brand new iPhone 5 that have the same price as an even more amazing Cadillac in the fifties. But if that finnish phone Company named Nokia ha not enough with dealing with the golden Apple in the phone market, Android smartphones are as devastating for Nokia, as Apple devices sadly are. And I say sadly, because I am one of those who years ago had a Nokia phone, actually, that was my first phone, and now looking into my pocket, I can see a green droid (Android phone) showing up behind my jeans. I feel bad because I feel part of the destruction of Nokia by falling into the dark side of the big phone brands tramps!

Download Wechat Nokia

download wechat nokia

But if you are still one of those amazing persons who did not fall into the technology temptation (just like me), let me first give you my most since congratulations for still supporting a brand like Nokia, and let me also give you a second congratulation, because now you are elegible in order to Download Wechat Nokia.

What are you talking about? What am I talking about? What? Really? I know you are a prehistoric Nokia user, but where the heck have you in the last couple of years? Well, months. Because before you being now available to Download Wechat Nokia, you could only have it if you were an Android device user.

I am sure that you have heard of apps such as Whats App, or Whatsapp, if not, before asking you again if you come from the prehistoric era, let me tell you in that we are talking about a chat program or chat app for your mobile phone aka smartphone device.

Everyone has one of those apps installed on their smartphones, including Nokia smartphones, so you should also go right now and download Wechat Nokia for your phone. Hey, wait, but you were talking before about whats… something. Yes! Whatsapp. That is like the most used chat app, but I said chat app, not chat free app. And free things are better, right? That is why I recommend you to actually download Wechat Nokia instead of any of the other chat apps out there.

The only thing that you need to do after you downloaded this great piece of the Nokia Apps market out there, is telling all of your friends to also download Wechat Nokia and be able to join you in future free chat conversations directly from your device.

If you friends or family members do not have a Nokia O.S phone, do not worry, because as I said before, actually, Wechat was before only available for Android, and now, apart of Nokia, obviously this free chat application is also now online for all the other major smartphone systems out there, including iOS from Apple for iPhone 5 and lower versions, including iPad or iPod.

Download Wechat Android

You can now Download Wechat Android as you could download it months ago, since Wechat Android was the first operating system that had this amazing little free chat app available for it’s users. But because the great success and overwhelming response of all the users rating this best chat application with five stars out of five, the guys down at the Wechat HQ decided to make it available for all the other major smartphone operating systems, including the green droids fruity enemies (Apple), the new guys on the block (Windows Phone), and the nearly forgotten users of -still nowadays- Blackberry phone users and Nokia Phone users (and I am not even talking about Windows Phone users, but actual real prehistoric Nokia software users!) I do not say this in a somehow funny sarcastic way, but for letting you know that you should really Download Wechat Android, because as you see, they will never let you go out of software app updates, not in a million years. If they care about prehistoric Nokia users and stone age Blackberry smartphone users, then you can be for sure sure that you will always be able to Download Wechat Android on their last update.

Download Wechat Android

Download wechat android

Because Wechat is one of the best chat apps of 2013, and one of the main reasons is the fact that the competence (mainly the Whats App application) decided now to go shareware instead of freeware like they where used to be. And even if the cost of their payed application is not high, still is better to use something completely free that can do the exact same things (and some say that even better).

So go now to the Google Play Store icon located somewhere on your Android smartphone menu, click it, and type on their search bar: Download Wechat Android. Have it downloaded indeed, and start experiencing the best chat experience that you will find out there. Completely free, without annoying ads that their mission is to bother you every minute you use the app.

Wechat Android has the exact same capabilities as the other free (or not) chat applications for the smartphone devices out there.

So if they all do the same, why should I download Wechat Android?

Well, did I say that it is free? -Yes, you did say that, but I do not care, because I can download any application for free, directly typing name of the app + apk + download on Google, I will just have to find a website which offers links to uploaded, rapidshare, or MEGA, and have it directly downloaded into my desktop, transfer it into my phone, and using a simple file manager to open the apk file from my smartphone and having it installed completely for free. Well, congratulations, you have obviously seen Matrix when it came out, but still, even if you can get WhatsApp for free, you should choose to download Wechat Android for free too. Why? Simple because it is the best. Don’t believe me?

Try it out!

Download Wechat Blackberry

Download Wechat Blackberry. The old faithful Blackberry smartphone device users can now jump from their seats. Because they can also now Download Wechat Blackberry 10 completely for free, after being before just available for Android device users and after that -and before Blackberry compatible-, iPhone and iOS users, which include iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch, and all of the thousands of different versions out there of the bitten Apple.

Download Wechat Blackberry

Download wechat blackberry

you can now Download Wechat Blackberry 10 Release, actually, release just a few days ago before the date of me writing this blog post, exactly by the end of the month of July 2013. The requirements for you being available of using the Wechat app is having Blackberry OS 10.1 installed or Blackberry Z10 which is also capable to run Wechat without any struggle at all. Completely smooth and quick, without any lag at all.

Absolutely perfect on your BB smartphone. The current version of your Download Wechat Blackberry is 1.0, but it is already completely full and upgraded to the same capabilities that the other most known and used (and for that reason supposedly better optimized apps). So you will be able to use Voice Messaging with your WeChat Blackberry, that means that you will have the option to chat faster with your voice, by sending a quick voice message via WiFi or your mobile internet connection included in your phone plan, to any of your Wechat contacts or friends who have this amazing mobile communication and social networking app installed.

And they should all download Wechat Blackberry, even if they do not own a BB smartphone, because as I already said, WeChat was before released on Android as a ‘native’ app, and now is available in a cross platform way. That means that it does not matter what smartphone brand your friends have, since you can download Wechat Blackberry for BB, or any of the other operating systems and most known phones in the market, including Android, iOS, the new and old versions of Windows Phone smartphone devices, and even the Nokia phones which still operate with a Nokia ex Symbian operating software instead of Windows Phone like all the new Nokia Lumia have pre – installed by default when you get them from the store, or buy them online at your favorite online site (mine is Amazon)

But you do not need to go to Amazon and shop there for your Wechat app, you can directly download Wechat free for any of the phones you may have. Because Wechat is completely optimized to run smoothly in all major smartphones systems.

So you have no excuse at all to not try and download Wechat Blackberry or the operating system that your phone brand is running on. Try today the best free chat app for smartphones out there in 2013, and I am pretty pretty sure that this will also be the best chat app in 2014.

Voice Messaging to any of your friends, don’t matter where in the world they live at. Send animated emoticons which are 100 times more entertaining than the typical “:-)” or “:-P”, you can even look chat to unknown people who are nearby you. Perfect to get that creep part out of you!

Download Wechat Blackberry, Wechat Blackberry, Blackberry downlaod wechat